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Avon Motorcycle Tyres

Avon Motorcycle Tyres were established over 100 years ago. The majority of manufacturing takes place here in the UK. Basically this means a great heritage and wealth of experience in the production of motorbike tyres but also the British and European weather has an effect on the development of each tyre range making Avon Tyres a great choice for us here. 
The new 3D Storm X-M Sport Touring has received great reviews for handling and mileage, the Avon Cobra will always be a market leader for Custom/ Cruiser bikes and there are some sizes in whitewall. The AM26 Roadrider is one of the best selling commuting tyres as they are great value for money and there are many classic bike sizes. Great improvements have been made in the hypersport and sport sections also with the 3D Ultra ranges. There’s also a new adventure bike tyre, the Trailrider and a new range for smaller commuter bikes, the Streetrider. We always stock the biggest brands in motorcycle tyres at the lowest online UK prices!

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