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Avon AV55/ AV56 Storm 2 Ultra Motorcycle Tyres

avon storm 2 ultra pair

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Avon AV55/ AV56 Storm 2 Ultra Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Avon AV55/ AV56 Storm 2 Ultra Motorcycle Tyres

The Avon Storm 2 Ultra was Avon Motorcycle Tyres first multi-compound or dual compound Sport Touring range and has recently been superseded with the new Avon AV65 front and AV66 rear Storm X-M 3D Ultra. Despite this fact, the Storm 2 is still available in 5 sizes due to it's popularity and a great all-round tyre and now due to it's exceptional price! The two front available are the 120/60ZR17 and 120/70ZR17 and the three rears are the 160/60ZR17, 180/55ZR17 and the 190/50ZR17.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

120/60ZR17 Front, 120/70ZR17 Front, 160/60ZR17 Rear, 180/55ZR17 Rear, 190/50ZR17 Rear,


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