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Avon AV65/ AV66 Storm 3D X-M Motorcycle Tyres

avon storm 3d x-m pair

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Avon AV65/ AV66 Storm 3D X-M Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Avon AV65/ AV66 Storm 3D X-M Motorcycle Tyres

Probably one of the most successful stories when it comes to Avon Motorcycle Tyres has got to be the Avon Storm 2 Ultra Sport-Touring range. In fact it was so successful that it is still being produced in four sizes. It owed it's popularity to the fact that, as a British tyre, it was the first to introduce a dual compound make up and deliver very good mileage. Well Avon have stepped up a gear and have produced the Storm X-M where the X-M stands for eXtra Mileage!!! Again as with the other 3D Ultra tyres the AV65 and AV66 have the interlocking three dimensional points hidden in the sipes throughout the tyre tread so improving the tyres stability and grip and again limiting "flexing". The newer Storm has a very rich silica multi compound for quick warm-up times and enhance wet grip.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

110/80R19 Front, 110/70ZR17 Front, 120/60ZR17 Front, 120/70ZR17 Front, 110/80ZR18 Front, 120/70ZR18 Front, 150/70ZR17 Rear, 150/80ZR16 Rear, 160/60ZR17 Rear, 160/70R17 Rear, 160/60ZR18 Rear, 170/60ZR17 Rear, 180/55ZR17 Rear, 190/50ZR17 Rear, 190/55ZR17 Rear, 200/50ZR17 Rear,


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Motorcycle Tyres1107017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1108018ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1108019V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1206017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207018ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1507017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1508016ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1606017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1606018ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1607017V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1706017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1805517ZR (W) over 168mph
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Motorcycle Tyres1905517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres2005017ZR (W) over 168mph
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