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Avon Streetrunner Motorcycle Tyres

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Avon Streetrunner Small Commuter Bike Tyres

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Product Description

Avon Streetrunner Small Commuter Bike Tyres

No one can deny the fact that there is more and more traffic on the roads. This is causing more stress to get to and from work and at the same time it can be more expensive and time consuming. A number of people and combated this by learning to ride a bike. There is a growing market for smaller commuter bikes like the Yamaha YBR125 and the Honda CBF125 and hence a need for these tyres. To fill that gap, Avon motorcycle Tyres have developed the Streetrunner range. This range is specifically designed for these smaller commuter bikes. Superb tyre life due to the construction and compound make up. This inturn gives impressive handling characteristics in all weather conditions because when you commute the last thing you look at is the weather.

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Tyre Sizes

80/100-17 54S Front, 2.75-18 48S Front, 100/90-17 55S Rear, 130/70-17 62S Rear, 90/90-18 51S Uni, 2.50-17 43S Uni, 2.75-17 47S Uni, 3.00-18 47S Uni,


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