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Avon Viper Stryke AM63 Scooter Tyres

Avon Styke Motorbike tyres

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Avon AM63 Viper Stryke Scooter Tyres

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Product Description

Avon AM63 Viper Stryke Scooter Tyres

There have been great improvements when it comes to the scooter tyre side of things. The machines we now use are more agile and fast and we as the rider have become more demanding in what we want the tyre to deliver. For this reason manufacturers have invested heavily in the scooter sector because at the same time there has been alot of growth in the number of scooter units produced. This is probably to due to the fact that we hate traffic jams and we just want to whizz to our destination but also because scooters in general are a much more economical way to travel. Avon's answer to all this is the AM63 Viper Stryke which has a growing range of sizes available. The tyre offers very good performance and comfortable ride and at the same time good tyre life. Reassuringly as a branded range, they are also good value for money.

Additional Information

Tyre Size

90/90-14 Uni, 80/90-14 Front, 100/80-16 Front, 100/90-14 Rear, 110/70-16 Front, 110/90-12 Front, 110/90-13 Front, 120/70-12 Uni, 120/70-13 Front, 120/70-14 Front, 120/70-15 Front, 120/80-14 Front, 120/80-16 Rear, 130/60-13 Uni, 130/70-12 Uni, 130/70-13 Rear, 140/60-13 Rear, 140/60-14 Rear, 140/70-12 Rear, 140/70-14 Rear, 140/70-16 Rear, 150/70-13 Rear, 150/70-14 Rear,


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