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Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Motorcycle Racing Tyres

avon 3d ultra xtreme pair

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Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Racing Motorcycle Tyre

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Product Description

Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme AV81/ AV82 Motorcycle Tyres

The Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme is the name may allude to is a high performance hypersport tyre for trackdays and very aggressive sport riding. Avon have developed this motorcycle tyre to offer great dry weather grip with a very sticky compound. The 3D Ultra Xtreme will get very quickly to the required tempurature so to offer optimum grip when needed. The construction of the tyre also allows for a larger footprint at extreme angels It would be wrong not to mention why the 3D in the name. This has to do with the 3D siping with interlocking three dimentional points which improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the tyre to warm up quickly. The front 120/70ZR17 tyre works best with the corresponding Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme 180/55ZR17 and 190/55ZR17 rear tyres.

Additional Information

Tyre Size

120/70ZR17 Front, 180/55ZR17 Rear, 190/55ZR17 Rear,


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