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Bridgestone Exedra Max EM1/ EA1 Custom Tyres

bridgestone exedra max pair

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Bridgestone Exedra Max EM1/ EA1 Cruiser Motorcycle Tyre

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Product Description

Bridgestone Exedra Max EM1/ EA1 Custom Bike Motorcycle Tyres

When you see, especially a motorcycle tyre range, running for years and there have been no changes then this probably is a sign of the tyres success. This has been the case with the Bridgestone Exedra range. A range that has been fitted as Original Equipment on many Japanese Cruiser and Custom type bikes. The time has come though, for Bridgestone to upgrade the Exedra. Part of the reason has been newer fast bikes which has also brought with it newer sizes which were not available in the original Exedra G701/ G702/ G851/ G852 / G722 / G704/ G709 etc ranges. Bridgestone have taken the best aspects of the original Exedra tyres and improved it in four key areas, that of more mileage, straight-line stability, linear handling and good grip in both dry and wet conditions and the result is this, the all new Bridgestone Exedra Max. When selecting your tyre notice the Exedra EM1 are bias-ply construction whereas the EA1 is Radial.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/90-19 57H Front, 110/90-18 61H Front, 110/90-19 62H Front, 120/90-17 64H Front, 130/90-16 67H Front, 150/80-16 71H Front, 80/90-21 48H Front, 90/90-21 54H Front, 120/70ZR18 59W Front, 120/70ZR19 60W Front, 130/70ZR17 62W Front, 130/70ZR18 63W Front, 150/80R16 71V Front, 130/90-15 66S Rear, 140/90-15 70H Rear, 150/80-15 70H Rear, 150/80-16 71H Rear, 150/90-15 74V Rear, 160/80-15 74S Rear, 170/70-16 75H Rear, 170/80-15 77H Rear, 180/70-15 76H Rear, 170/60ZR17 72W Rear, 180/70R16 77V Rear, 190/60R17 78V Rear, 200/50ZR17 75W Rear, 200/60R16 79V Rear, 240/55R16 86V Rear,


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Motorcycle Tyres1009019H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1109018H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1109019H up to 129mph
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