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Bridgestone Hoop B01/ BO2/ BO3 Scooter Tyres

bridgestone hoop pair scooter tyres

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Bridgestone Hoop B01/ BO2/ BO3 Scooter Tyres

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Product Description

Bridgestone Hoop B01/ BO2/ BO3 Scooter Tyres

The Bridgestone Hoop range comes in three different tread patterns depending on the size of the tyre but, of course, they are compatible and work together perfectly. They have been manufactured with quite a few scooters in mind since some of these come as Original Equipment on many of the Japanese scooter brands. As a tyre they offer very good grip and performance in dry and wet weather conditions. The the new pricing from Bridgestone and the very good street life of the tyre has made this range very good value for money.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/80-10 BO1 Uni, 100/90-10 BO1 Uni, 100/80-12 BO1 Rear, 90/90-12 BO1 Front, 3.50-10 BO1 Uni, 110/80-10 BO2 Rear, 120/70-12 BO2 Rear, 130/60-13 BO2 Rear, 130/70-12 BO2 Rear, 130/70-13 BO2 Rear, 130/70-16 BO2 Rear, 140/70-12 BO2 Rear, 150/70-13 BO2 Rear, 150/70-14 BO2 Rear, 110/90-12 BO3 Front, 110/90-13 BO3 Front, 110/70-16 BO3 Front, 120/70-13 BO3 Front, 120/70-14 BO3 Front, 120/80-14 BO3 Front,


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