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Conti Classic Attack Motorcycle Tyres


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Conti Classic Attack Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Conti Classic Attack Motorcycle Tyres

The desire and demand for old classic bikes has surely grown after the past few years. Many want that cafe racer look, so they have invested in the renovation of those 70's and 80's even 90's classics. So much has been the demand, that even many of the bike manufacturers have brought out new modern motorcycle models having that "older" look!! The problem however, has been that these old bikes have old tyres. Not anymore. Continental Motorcycle Tyres have created an ultra modern radial range all V rated (149mph) for classic machines. The tyres have a radial contruction that delivers high speed stability and braking confidence for the rider. As with most new radial ranges from Conti the tyre has "Traction Skin" which is a micro rough surface that minimises break-in time. Once again, and sorry to repeat this every time, "Black Chilli" compounds and MultiGrip tech feature in this tyre also giving high durability as well as previously unheard of cornering grip. The design of the tread allows for agile handling and ensures excellent water evacuation in wet weather conditions. A couple of interesting points is that the tyre is suitable for tubeless or tube-type fitting (if you have an inner tube of course) and can also be fitted in combination with the Conti Road Attack 2.

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Tyre Sizes

100/90R19 57V Front, 90/90R18 51V Front, 100/90R19 57V Rear, 110/90R18 61V Rear, 120/90R18 65V Rear,


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