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Conti GO Motorcycle / Moped Tyres

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Conti GO Motorcycle / Moped Tyres

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Product Description

Conti GO Motorcycle/ Moped Tyres

The Conti Go range is the biggest by far in tyre size variations, since the goal was to create a range that would cover anything from a small moped, to those sporty quick 125cc's and more or less anything in that mid-range sector. So whether you have a 50cc or a 400cc or more and use your bike to commute and want a tyre to do the job, then maybe the Conti Go is just what you require.   Offering stability and confidence, vital for getting in  and out of traffic in the city and excellent grip in all weather conditions. Very good mileage due to the up-to-date  compound tecnology. Great modern tread pattern that also helps with the wear of the tyre and water displacement.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/80-16 50P Uni, 100/80-17 52P Uni, 100/90-17 55P Uni, 100/90-18 56H Front, 100/90-18 56V Front, 100/90-19 57H Front, 100/90-19 57V Front, 110/70-17 54S Front, 110/70-17 54H Front, 110/80-17 57S Uni, 110/80-17 57H Front, 110/80-17 57V Front, 110/80-18 58V Front, 110/90-18 61H Front, 120/80-16 60P Uni, 120/80-16 60V Front, 2 1/4-16 38J Uni, 2 1/2-16 42J Uni, 2 3/4-16 46J Uni, 2 1/4-17 39J Uni, 2 50-17 43J Uni, 2 3/4-17 47J Uni, 2.75-17 47P Uni, 2.75-18 48P Uni, 3.00-18 52P Uni, 3.00-21 51H Front, 3.25-19 54H Front, 80/100-17 46P Front, 80/90-17 44P Uni, 90/80-17 46S Front, 90/90-18 51H Front, 90/90-21 54H Front, 110/90-18 61H Rear, 120/90-18 65H Rear, 120/90-18 65V Rear, 130/70-17 62H Rear, 130/70-18 63H Rear, 130/80-17 65H Rear, 130/80-18 66V Rear, 130/90-16 67H Rear, 130/90-16 67V Rear, 130/90-17 68H Rear, 130/90-17 68V Rear, 140/70-17 66S Rear, 140/80-17 69V Rear, 150/70-18 70V Rear, 4.00-18 64H Rear,


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