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Conti Milestone CM1/ CM2 Whitewall Cruiser Tyres

continental mile stone whitewall pair

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Conti Milestone CM1/ CM2 Whitewall Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Conti Milestone CM1/CM2  Whitewall Motorcycle Tyres

The Conti Milestone is a classic design developed for the custom and cruiser bikes of today. The range has been very successful as it has been produced now for a few years and new sizes have been introduced to the range. Although the tread pattern is quite classic, the make up of the tyre is very much up-to-date. Silicone compound technology offers very good grip in wet conditions but at the same time high mileage. This is also helped with the deep tread. The CM1 is for front fitment and the CM2 for the rear.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

130/70B18 63H Front, 130/80B17 65H Front, 130/90-16 67H Front, MT90B16 74H Front, 130/90-16 73H Rear, 140/90-16 71H Rear, 150/80B16 77H Rear, 180/65B16 81H Rear, MT90B16 74H Rear, MU85B16 77H Rear,


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