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Conti Race Attack Slick Racing Motorcycle Tyres

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Continental Race Attack Slick Racing Tyres


Product Description

Continental Race Attack Slick Racing Tyres

People are plesantly suprised when they first race on these Conti Race Attack Slicks because of the confidence the tyres present to the rider. Many of the features we see in the "high profile" ranges are found right here. Like the "Black Chili" compounds that give high levels of grip when going into corners or braking. The construction as well provides maximum lean angles and a large contact patch for better traction when accelerating. The Continuous Compound Technology also ensures high mileage for good mileage results when racing. Many of the sizes have three variations of compound thus helping you with the different conditions and needs you have, they are either Soft, Medium or Endurance.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

120/70R17 Soft, 120/70R17 Med, 160/60R17 Soft, 160/60R17 Med, 160/60R17 End, 180/55R17 Soft, 180/55R17 End, 180/60R17 Soft, 180/60R17 Med, 180/60R17 End, 190/60R17 Soft, 190/60R17 Med, 190/60R17 End,


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