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Conti Sport Attack Motorcycle Tyres

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Continental Sport Attack Motorcycle Tyres


Product Description

Continental Sport Attack Motorcycle Tyres

The core construction of the Sport Attack from Continental is their patented 0 degrees belted radial make up which offers the rider confidence and sport performance. The tyres have fast warm up times, being a sport tyre, but also Conti's "Black Chilli" silica-carbon compound enables the tyres to operate in cooler conditions. In the dry the Sport Attacks achieve an amazing 50.8 degrees lean angle. They are currently a the cheapest ever price due to the fact that they have been superceded by the Conti Sport Attack 2.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

120/70ZR17 58W, 130/70ZR16 61W, 180/55ZR17 73W, 190/50ZR17 73W, 190/55ZR17 75W,


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Motorcycle Tyres1207017ZR (W) over 168mph
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Motorcycle Tyres1905517ZR (W) over 168mph
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