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Conti Trail Attack 2 Dual Sport Tyres

conti trail attack 2 pair

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Conti Trail Attack 2 Motorcycle Tyres


Product Description

Conti Trail Attack II Motorcycle Tyres

The Conti Trail Attack 2 as is hopefully obvious from the name, is an improved, newer version of the very successful Trail Attack. As the look and tread of the tyre suggests, this is an enduro tyre that "lives" most of its life on the streets and occasionally may venture on a dirt road or off road. Designed for the modern adventure and enduro bikes of today, promises uncompromising performance and durability. As with all Conti's newer tyre ranges again, you'll find "Black Chilli Compound" that gives good grip even in cold conditions and faster warm up times. Again also, "Traction Skin" which is that micro rough surface on the tyre that enables the tyre for normal use from the word go with very limited run in times.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/90-19 57H Front, 110/80R19 59V Front, 120/70ZR17 58W Front, 120/70R19 60V Front, 120/70ZR19 60W Front, 90/90-21 54S Front, 90/90-21 54H Front, 90/90-21 54V Front, 90/90V21 (54V) Front, 120/90-17 64S Rear, 130/80-17 65S Rear, 130/80-17 65H Rear, 130/80R17 65H Rear, 140/80R17 69H Rear, 140/80R17 69V Rear, 140/80-18 70S Rear, 150/70R17 69V Rear, 150/70ZR18 70W Rear, 160/60ZR17 69W Rear, 170/60R17 72V Rear, 170/60ZR17 69W Rear, 180/55ZR17 73W Rear, 190/55ZR17 75W Rear, ,


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Motorcycle Tyres1009019H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1108019V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207019V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1209017S up to 112mph
Motorcycle Tyres1308017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1308017S up 112mph
Motorcycle Tyres1408017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1408017V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1408018S up to 112mph
Motorcycle Tyres1507017V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1507018ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1606017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1706017V up to 149mph
Motorcycle Tyres1706017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1805517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1905517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres909021H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres909021S up to 112mph
Motorcycle Tyres909021V up to 149mph
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