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Conti Twist SM/ SM Sport Motorcycle Tyres

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Conti Twist SM/ SM Sport  Motorcycle Tyres


Product Description

Conti Twist SM/ SM Sport Motorcycle Tyres

The Conti Twist SM and the SM Sport offer riders of smaller capacity bikes great performance and grip for whatever they use their machine for. The SM Sport is more geared for a "sportier" ride and is also used for track use where possible. The tread looks very similar to the popular Conti Road Attack but that's not where the similarities end since the compound of the tyre is made up of Continental's Advanced Silica formula that gives faster warm up times and superub all weather grip. Due to the light weight carcass, the bike becomes more agile making movement in and out of corners easy peasy.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/80-17 Front SM, 100/80-17 Front SM Sport, 130/70-17 Rear SM, 130/70-17 Rear SM Sport,


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