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Dunlop Elite 3 Cruiser/ Custom Bike Tyres

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Dunlop Elite 3 Dunlop Elite 3 Cruiser/ Custom Bike Tyres

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Product Description

Dunlop Elite 3 Dunlop Elite 3 Cruiser/ Custom Bike Tyres

Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres have an extensive and comprehensive cruiser motorbike range in the D404 so why the need to develop the Elite 3 or E3 as it's commonly know among bikers. Well custom bikes just keep getting bigger and faster so there was a need to develop a range that could cope with the weight and power of some of these bikes. The Elite 3's have an improved performance capability and better wear for those larger cruisers that are looking to go on that major journey. There are Bias-ply and Radial sizes in this range.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

120/70R21 62V Front, 130/70-18 63H Front, 130/70R18 63H Front, 130/90-16 73H Front, 150/80R17 72H Front, 90/90-21 54H Front, 160/80-16 80H Rear, 180/60R16 80H Rear, 180/70R16 77H Rear, 200/50R18 76H Rear, 240/40R18 79V Rear, 250/40R18 81V Rear,


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