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Dunlop Scootsmart Scooter Tyres

dunlop scootsmart pair

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Dunlop Scootsmart Scooter Tyres

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Product Description

Dunlop Scootsmart Scooter Tyres

Does this tread look familiar? Well it's the same tread and not only, as the award winner Dunlop Roadsmart. We say not only because the technology and know-how of making the Roadsmart has been used in producing this great all rounder scooter tyre. The compound contains high grade silica which delivers unprecedented grip and handling together with very good mileage. Made for the scooters and the modern rider of today that requires reliability and confidence.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/80-10 Uni, 100/90-10 Uni, 120/80-14 Uni, 90/90-10 Uni, 90/100-10 Uni, 3.00-10 Uni, 3.50-10 Uni, 100/80-16 Front, 110/70-11 Front, 110/70-16 Front, 110/90-13 Front, 120/70-12 Front, 120/70-13 Front, 120/70-14 Front, 120/70-15 Front, 120/70R15 Front, 120/70-16 Front, 120/90-10 Front, 80/80-16 Front, 90/90-14 Front, 100/90-14 Rear, 120/70-10 Rear, 120/80-16 Rear, 120/90-10 Rear, 130/60-13 Rear, 130/70-12 Rear, 130/70-13 Rear, 130/70-16 Rear, 130/80-15 Rear, 130/80-16 Rear, 130/90-10 Rear, 140/60-13 Rear, 140/60-14 Rear, 140/70-13 Rear, 140/70-14 Rear, 140/70-15 Rear, 140/70-16 Rear, 150/70-13 Rear, 150/70-14 Rear, 160/60R14 Rear, 160/60R15 Rear, 90/80-16 Rear,


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Scooter Tyres1008010L up to 74 mph
Scooter Tyres1008016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1009010J up to 62mph
Scooter Tyres1009014P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1107011L up to 74mph
Scooter Tyres1107016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1109013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1207010L up to 74mph
Scooter Tyres1207012S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1207013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1207014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1207015H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres1207015S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1207016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1208014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1208016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1209010L up to 74mph
Scooter Tyres1306013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1307012S up to 112moh
Scooter Tyres1307013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1307016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1308015S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1308016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1309010L up to 74mph
Scooter Tyres1406013P up to 92mph
Scooter Tyres1406013S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1406014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1407013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1407014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1407015S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1407016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1507013S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1507014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1606014H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres1606015H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres3.00-10J up to 62mph
Scooter Tyres3.50-10J up to 62mph
Scooter Tyres3.50-10P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres808016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres908016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres909010J up to 62mph
Scooter Tyres909014P up to 93mph