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Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029 Motorcycle Tyres

maxxis supermaxx touring m6029 pair_jm

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Maxxis Supermaxx Touring Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Maxxis Supermaxx Touring Motorcycle Tyres

Been around for years now, the Maxxis Supermaxx Touring is a no nonsense touring tyre. When you compare the money spent on the tyres to the mileage, grip you get, its a no brainer. The M6029 Touring from Maxxis is a high performance radial sport touring tyre with a very wide range of sizes. Tread pattern helps with the evacuation of surface water which helps greatly for that extra wet grip. excellent high speed response in handling and cornering.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

110/70ZR17 54W, 110/80ZR17 57W, 120/60ZR17 55W, 120/65ZR17 56W, 120/70ZR17 58W, 130/70ZR16 61W, 150/60R17 66H, 150/70ZR17 69W, 160/60ZR17 69W, 170/60ZR17 72W, 180/55ZR17 73W, 190/50ZR17 73W, 200/50ZR17 75W,


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Motorcycle Tyres1107017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1108017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1206017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1206517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1307016ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1506017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1507017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1606017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1706017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1805517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1905017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres2005017ZR (W) over 168mph
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