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Metzeler ME77 Perfect Motorcycle Tyres

metzeler perfect me77 tyre

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Metzeler ME77 Perfect Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Metzeler ME77 Perfect Motorcycle Tyres

Don't let the classic design of this Metzeler ME77 Perfect deceive you. It does have that vintage look and that's what makes it great for small cruiser bikes and older classics however, the actual make up of the tyre is quite modern. Due to the wide curvature of the tyre, it lends itself to better precision when setting trajectories and thus easier handling. The compound of the tyre offers good grip in all weather conditions and the tread helps will better drainage of surface water. Expect also, good mileage and constant performance through the tyre life.

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Tyre Sizes

110/90-16 59S TT Front, 3.00-18 47S TL Uni, 3.50-18 56S TL Front, 3.50-19 57S TL Front, 110/90-16 59S TL Rear, 120/90-16 63H TL Rear, 130/90-15 66S TL Rear, 130/90-16 67S TL Rear, 140/90-15 66S TT Rear, 3.50-18 56S TT Rear, 4.00-18 64H TL Rear, 4.10-18 60H TL Rear, 4.60-16 59S TL Rear,


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