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Metzeler ME880 Marathon Cruiser/ Custom Tyres

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Metzeler ME880 Marathon Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Metzeler ME880 Marathon Motorcycle Tyres
Anyone involved with Cruiser, Chopper, Custom Bikes will know the Metzeler ME880 Marathon and the reputation that comes with it. To many it is in a class of its own and to others it has legendary status. But after so many years of being at the top a change was needed and at the moment we are in that interim period of a successor, the ME888, taking its place. But for the time being many of the sizes are still produced and in demand. For any of you worried, this tyre will also work with the ME888. Built to handle heavy bikes with very good handling characteristics, good mileage and traction. Low noise when riding and excellent surface water displacement.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/90-18 56H Front, 100/90-19 57H Front, 110/90-18 61H Front, 110/90-19 62H Front, 120/70R17 58V Front, 120/70B17 58V Front, 120/70-21 62V Front, 120/70ZR18 59W Front, 120/70ZR19 60W Front, 120/80-17 61V Front, 120/90-17 64S Front, 120/90-18 65H Front, 130/60-18 60V Front, 130/70-17 62V Front, 130/70-18 63H Front, 130/90-16 67H Front, 140/70-18 67H Front, 140/70-21 76V Front, 140/75-17 67V Front, 140/80-17 69H Front, 150/80-16 71H Front, 150/80R16 71V Front, 150/80-17 72V Front, 80/90-21 48H Front, 90/90-21 54H Front, 140/80-15 67H Rear, 140/80-17 69V Rear, 150/70-18 76H Rear, 150/80-15 70V Rear, 150/90-15 80H Rear, 160/60-18 76V Rear, 160/80-15 74S Rear, 160/80-16 75H Rear, 170/60-17 78V Rear, 180/55ZR18 74W Rear, 180/70-15 76H Rear, 180/70-16 77H Rear, 200/50ZR17 75W Rear, 200/50ZR18 76W Rear, 200/55R17 78V Rear, 200/60R16 79V Rear, 200/70-15 82H Rear, 210/40-18 73H Rear, 210/50ZR17 78W Rear, 240/40R18 79V Rear, 240/50R16 84V Rear, 260/40R18 84V Rear, 280/35R18 84V Rear, 300/35R18 87V Rear,


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