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Michelin City Grip Scooter Tyres

michelin city grip pair

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Michelin City Grip Scooter Tyres

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Product Description

Michelin City Grip Scooter Tyres

The Michelin City Grip is a very good all round scooter tyre. It's the first of its kind to feature Michelins latest Progressive Sipe Technology (PST) to improve safety on wet roads. The City Grip range covers a large spectrum of the scooters mainly from 125cc and above. PST technology feature sipes that run the full depth of the tread rubber and are there to cut through the water on the surface of wet roads so to maintain good contact. This really increases rider confidence and safety in all weather conditions. Increased grip and improved safety, even when riding over white lines and manhole covers, ideal when riding in the city or commuting.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/80-16 50P Front, 110/70-11 45L Front, 110/70-13 48P Front, 110/70-16 52P Front, 110/70-16 52S Front, 110/80-16 55S Front, 110/90-12 64P Front, 110/90-13 56P Front, 120/70-12 51P Front, 120/70-12 51S Front, 120/70-14 55P Front, 120/70-14 55S Front, 120/70-15 56P Front, 120/70-15 56S Front, 120/70-16 57P Front, 90/90-14 46P Front, 100/90-14 57P Rear, 110/80-14 59S Rear, 120/70-10 54L Rear, 120/70-11 56L Rear, 120/80-16 60P Rear, 130/70-12 56P Rear, 130/70-12 62P Rear, 130/70-13 63P Rear, 130/70-16 61P Rear, 140/60-13 63P Rear, 140/60-14 64P Rear, 140/60-14 64S Rear, 140/70-14 68P Rear, 140/70-14 68S Rear, 140/70-15 69P Rear, 140/70-16 65P Rear, 140/70-16 65S Rear, 150/70-13 64S Rear, 150/70-14 66P Rear, 150/70-14 66S Rear, 90/80-16 51S Rear,


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Scooter Tyres1008016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1009014P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1107011L up to 74mph
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Scooter Tyres1107016S up to 112mph
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