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Michelin City Pro Motorcycle Tyres

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Michelin City Pro Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Michelin City Pro Motorcycle Tyres

Do you have a lightweight motorcycle, moped or scooter, then the Michelin City Pro might be the one for you. The tyre has been designed and constructed with daily use and commute in mind. It offers longevity and is also puncture resistant. This has been achieved exactly because of the way its made. A combination of three reinforced piles and a layer of rubber beneath the tread has made the tyre quite robust reducing significantly the risk of puncture. This in turn, together with the long lasting rubber compound, has helped these Michelins increase significantly the average mileage. The tread patterns has also been optimised, with the commuter in view,  giving the rider and passenger reassurance while riding in wet conditions and generally good grip all-round.

TT: Tube Type

TL: TubeLess

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

2.75-18 48S TT Front, 60/90-17 36S TT Front, 80/80-16 45S TL Front, 100/80-16 50P TL Uni, 100/90-18 56P TT Uni, 120/80-16 60S TL Uni, 70/90-14 46P TT Uni, 70/90-17 43S TT Uni, 90/80-14 49P TT Uni, 90/90-14 52P TT Uni, 90/90-18 57S TT Uni, 3.00-18 52S TT Uni, 3.50-16 58P Uni, 110/80-14 59P TT Rear, 80/90-16 48P TT Rear, 80/90-17 50S Rear, 90/80-16 51S TL Rear,


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