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Pirelli City Demon Motorcycle Tyres

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Pirelli City Demon Moped/ Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli City Demon Motorcycle Tyres

For a wide range of smaller motorcycles and some mopeds even, Pirelli recommend the City Demon. Great choice tyre for riders who commute to and from work and bikers who want a "no fuss" tyre that does the job without any let ups. The Pirelli City Demon offers great mileage and even wear due to the classic tread design and robust construction. The front tyre design has a central groove for good straight stability.  Generally the range has good wet performance which in-turn helps the rider feel secure and in control in all weather conditions.

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Tyre Sizes

2.25-17 38P TT Front, 2.75-18 42P TL Front, 3.00-18 47S TL Front, 90/100-18 54S TL Front, 90/90-18 51H TT Front, 90/90-19 52S TT Front, 2.50-17 43P TT Rear, 2.75-17 47P TL Rear, 2.75-18 48P TL Rear, 3.00-18 52P TL Rear, 3.25-18 52S TT Rear, 3.50-18 62P TT Rear, 4.00-18 64S TT Rear, 120/90-16 63S TL Rear, 130/90-15 66S TL Rear, 130/90-16 67S TL Rear, 90/90-18 57P TL Rear,


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