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Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Motorcycle Tyres

pirelli diablo rosso 2 pair

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Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Motorcycle Tyres

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 is called such because it is the second generation Pirelli Diablo Rosso, featuring a dual compound tread rear tyre which is spread between a grip compound on the shoulder (25 per cent) and wet/mileage compound in the centre (75 per cent). The grip is further enhanced by, what is called in short the EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology), which Pirelli says optimizes contact area with the road at all lean angles. There have been strong improvements in stability, performance in the wet and safety in corners. The tyres actual groove design pattern contributes to improved wear regularity.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

110/70R17 54H Front, 110/70ZR17 54W Front, 120/60R17 55H Front, 120/60ZR17 55W Front, 120/70R17 58H Front, 120/70ZR17 58W Front, 140/70R17 66H Rear, 150/60R17 66H Rear, 150/60ZR17 66W Rear, 160/60R17 69H Rear, 160/60ZR17 69W Rear, 170/60ZR17 72W Rear, 180/55ZR17 73W Rear, 180/60ZR17 75W Rear, 190/50ZR17 73W Rear, 190/55ZR17 75W Rear, 200/50ZR17 75W Rear, 240/45ZR17 82W Rear,


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Motorcycle Tyres1107017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1107017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1206017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1206017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1207017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1407017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1506017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1506017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1606017H up to 129mph
Motorcycle Tyres1606017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1706017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1805517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1806017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1905017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres1905517ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres2005017ZR (W) over 168mph
Motorcycle Tyres2404517ZR (W) over 168mph
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