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Pirelli Diablo SC Scooter Tyres

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Pirelli Diablo SC Scooter Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli Diablo SC Scooter Tyres

Looks familiar? This isn't the world famous Pirelli Diablo Sport tyre that has shrunk in the tumble dryer but the scooter version. Once upon a time, scooters were these "lawn mowers" with two wheels that were sometimes overtaken by a passing jogger. Now-days they are very sophisticated machines, just as fast as many sport bikes but at the same time agile enough to weave in and out of traffic. The tread pattern has been adapted from the original Pirelli Diablo tyre and offers very good wet handling and dry grip while limiting road noise. High-performance tread compound imported directly from Pirelli's sport-touring tires results in more mileage and regular wear. Larger contact patch maximizes braking efficiency and traction in all weather conditions, which increases rider safety.

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Tyre Sizes

100/80-16 50P Front, 110/70-16 52P Front, 110/70-16 52S Front, 110/90-12 64P Front, 110/90-13 56P Front, 12070-12 51S Front, 120/70-14 55S Front, 120/70R14 55H Front, 120/70-15 56S Front, 120/70R15 56H Front, 120/70R16 57H Front, 120/80-14 58S Front, 90/90-14 46P Front, 100/90-14 57P Rear, 120/80-16 60P Rear, 130/70-12 62P Rear, 130/70-13 63P Rear, 130/70-16 61S Rear, 130/70R16 61S Rear, 130/80-16 64P Rear, 140/60-13 63P Rear, 140/60-14 64P Rear, 140/70-12 65P Rear, 140/70-14 68S Rear, 140/70-16 65P Rear, 150/70-13 64S Rear, 150/70-14 66S Rear, 160/60R14 65H Rear, 160/60R15 67H Rear,


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Scooter Tyres1008016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1009014P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1107016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1107016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1109012P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1109013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1207012S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1207014H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres1207014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1207015H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres1207015S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1207016H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres1208014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1208016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1307012P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1307013P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1307016S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1308016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1406013P up to 92mph
Scooter Tyres1406014P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1407012P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1407014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1407016P up to 93mph
Scooter Tyres1507013S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1507014S up to 112mph
Scooter Tyres1606014H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres1606015H up to 129mph
Scooter Tyres909014P up to 93mph