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Pirelli MT21 Rallycross Enduro Tyres

pirelli mt21 rallycross pair

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Pirelli MT21 Rallycross Enduro Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli MT21 Rallycross Enduro Tyres

Compared to many other brands that make motorcycle enduro tyres for similar use, these Pirelli MT21 Rallycross tyres are a bargain!!! Pirelli have just found a formula that works!! Yes, they have been around for ages, but why change them when they do a great job? They do look like motocross tyres but they are street legal but the story doesn't end there. Focused on globetrotting motorcyclists and rally specialists who require maximum flexibility of use, and what we mean by that is the variety of terrain. From the dunes of the desert to the busy roads of the town. The MT21 has a flexible carcass to ensure high stability and precision in setting and following trajectories. The tread offers the ability to be used on dirt tracks and gravel, cross country racing and in the desert. High performance off road and the blocks have greater resistance to tearing thanks to the specific compound.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

80/90-21 48P Front, 90/90-21 54R Front, 110/80-18 58P Rear, 120/80-18 62R Rear, 120/90-17 64R Rear, 120/90-18 65R Rear, 130/90-17 68P Rear, 130/90-18 69R Rear, 140/80-18 70R Rear,


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