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Pirelli MT43 Pro Trail Tyres

pirelli mt43 pro trail pair

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Pirelli MT43 Pro Trail Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli MT43 Pro Trail Tyres

For those of you involved with Trail bikes, you will not need any introductions to the Pirelli MT43 Pro Trail. For those of you just now getting into this amazing sport of balance, agility and sheer mad angles the Pirelli MT43 is well within your budget. It's has been tried and tested for years now and is still one of the most popular tyres in this category. The MT43 Pro offers great performance in absolutely all conditions, you name it, its been there, whether dry, hard, wet terrain......even indoor events. The tyre has a resistant x-ply carcass which reduces and deformation of the tyre on whatever the obstacle but at the same time maximises the footprint. This range is also DOT approved.

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Tyre Sizes

2.75-21 45P Front, 4.00-18 64P Rear,


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