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Pirelli SL26 Scooter Tyres

pirelli sl26 scooter tyre

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Pirelli SL26 Scooter Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli SL26 Scooter Tyres

The Pirelli SL 26 Scooter Tyre is a modern looking design tread pattern even though it's a range that has been produced for years now due to the great demand. It has a sport-oriented look that offers great performance for a scooter tyre. The whole construction of the tyre offers superb handling, a high level of grip and is excellent in all weather conditions. All the SL26 range are universal fitment which means they can be fitted either as a front or rear tyre.

Additional Information

Tyre Sizes

100/80-10 53J Uni, 100/90-10 56J Uni, 110/80-10 58J Uni, 120/70-12 51P Uni, 120/90-10 66J Uni, 130/60-13 53L Uni, 130/70-12 56L Uni, 130/90-10 61J Uni, 90/90-10 50J Uni, 3.00-10 50J Uni, 3.50-10 59J Uni,


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