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Pirelli Sport Demon Motorcycle Tyres

Pirelli Sport Demon pair deal

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Pirelli Sport Demon Motorcycle Tyres

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Product Description

Pirelli Sport Demon Motorcycle Tyre
There's a whole range of motorcycles from around 125cc even up to 1300cc, when it comes to some older 70's and 80's classics, that don't fit radial tyres. Pirelli's answer to fill that gap is the Sport Demon. Whatever your bike is used for, whether commuting or just on weekends you need stability together with comfort. This motorcycle tyre with sport tread pattern for Bias equipped sport and sport touring bikes promises to give you just that. Special design profile to greatly improve handling. Excellent water evacuation thanks to central 'sine-wave' groove. New compound for best mechanical wet and dry grip without compromising mileage, thanks to increased groove depth.

Additional Information

Tyre Size

100/80-17 52S Front, 100/80-17 52H Front, 100/90-16 54H Front, 100/90-18 56H Front, 100/90-19 57V Front, 110/70-16 52P Front, 110/70-17 54H Front, 110/80-17 57H Front, 110/80-18 58V Front, 110/90-16 59V Front, 110/90-18 61V Front, 120/70-16 57P Front, 120/70-17 58H Front, 120/80-16 60V Front, 110/80-1858H Rear, 110/90-18 61H Rear, 120/80-18 62H Rear, 120/90-18 65V Rear, 130/70-16 61P Rear, 130/70-17 62H Rear, 130/70-18 63H Rear, 130/80-17 65H Rear, 130/80-18 66V Rear, 130/90-16 67V Rear, 130/90-17 68V Rear, 140/70-15 69P Rear, 140/70-17 66H Rear, 140/70-18 67V Rear, 140/80-17 69V Rear, 150/70-16 68S Rear, 150/70-17 69H Rear, 150/80-16 71V Rear,


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